Friday, July 1, 2011

This Sunday…at fairy floss markets…we are off to Williamstown…..

fairy floss market this Sunday is at Williamstown…
Williamstown North PS
133 Melbourne Road
Sunday 3rd July 9AM ~ 2 PM

I will be exhibiting this Sunday at fairy floss market. Looking forward to meet some lovely customer, I have never done this area before, so I am so looking forward to be there.

I will be bringing over some exciting products, such as my puppet range, educational products,(like to improve dressing up skills, lacing activities) etc.

If you want to have a great read about what how puppets can help your kids in every day life, have a read of these 2 posts that I have written previously, I think you will find them quite interesting; Puppets and Special kids……,Children, Teenagers and Puppets

The Lovely Barefoot handmade range will be on display as well. I am biased with this range as I am in love with it. From dolls, kids back packs,cuddly toys…and more and more!

I will also have a small range of my Personalized Range for you to see, to purchase or to order. This is one of my latest range, in the Baubles keepsakes, and also in the Baby plates

Personalized Plates in ceramic ~~ Keepsakes
I also offer this opportunity to have your own personalized keepsakes with your images, on Plates, Mugs and Baubles.

capri plate baby colour


mug 1

I am not able to display all my products on the day…so if you would like t browse through the store…and if you happen that you are after something, and you intend to come to the market…I am quite happy to bring it over there for you to pick up.

Finally you will see a great range of beautiful handmade and unique products right through the market.

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