Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bloggers Brunch ~~ reviewing ~~ Baby Born by Zapf Creations

Part 6 ~~ a continuation of my experience that I had at the awesome ~~Bloggers Brunch organized by Parenting Group TV Show, “Room to Grow”…..& Sponsors…. 

I was given this gorgeous set to review. it is a Baby Born outfit by Zapf Creation. I fell in love with it, it took back to memory lane, when I was a child and how I wished I had  a Baby Born and and all these outfits to dress her up in, with dummies and nappies. It just feels so real.

Baby Born comes in boys and girls and also in different nationalities. They have gorgeous outfits and accessories to challenge any child’s imagination.

If I  ever have a Grand daughter, I am sure it will be one of the toys that I will introduce her to…they are so adorable, and we can have so much fun playing together.

I think by now you realize that I am in my second childhood Smile

Thank you  Zapf Creation for giving me the chance to review your has been a pleasure.

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