Sunday, July 24, 2011

How many times have we heard this….? "Everything comes in time to those who can wait." by Francois Rabelais

23121 willowclock400 lace border"Everything comes in time to those who can wait." by Francois Rabelais

Yes patience is a virtue…..! If you are like me, I get very impatient at times when I get excited about something.

As I grew older and wiser, I learnt along the way, that things happen to fall in place on their own. We might question along the way, why this has happened or why is this happening…we might not know the answer at the time ..but time will tell, and when the time comes, you say to yourself….."hmmm so this is why”!

It is useless trying to rush in to something. Step back when you come into this situation, and say to yourself, “okay, I need to have time to think about this”, “or why is this happening”?
  • perhaps you might need to ask advice or guidance in a project that you intend to take on
  • maybe an important decision in our life, and you cannot make a decision?
  • debating if you should be buying a property or renting, or perhaps you fell in love with a property, and someone bet you to it..why?
  • perhaps you are trying so hard to fall pregnant and it is not happening, why you may ask at the time?
  • perhaps you have a property on the market, and nothing is happening, why?
  • why why why…yes I am sure there is a lot of why’s out there….
At the time, you probably cannot see a solution to a problem, or you cannot decide which way to go, a lot of if’s and buts…
I suppose there is different ways of dealing with this, you might be inpatient and take a decision, which most of the time, if one is not sure, it is usually the wrong decision and will suffer the consequences, or else, you might step back ad evaluate your situation…

Which way do you go? Do you agree with this statement that "Everything comes in time to those who can wait." ?
Love to hear your thoughts…..

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