Monday, July 25, 2011

Pretend play and Kids

What is pretend play? Kids pretend play all the time. This is a learning experience, that each and everyone of us has gone through as a child. We role play what we see.

It always amazed me as a mother or when I used to work with per-schoolers, I used to stay back and listen to the conversation taking place when kids are playing. Have you ever done this?

Imagine you have set up a home corner..
  • maybe there is a doll house, or a play center…
  • some furniture
  • some little dolls
Who do you think the child would be role modeling in this instance?

Imagine if let say you are a family of four, mum dad, the child and a brother, you have a house with 2 bedrooms, a lounge and a bathroom, etc…may be you have a slide in the backyard…..Okay, now pretend you are the child. You will pick 4 dolls, one is going to be mum, another one dad and then one doll will be you and another your brother…you will also try and  choose some furniture, that reminds of what you have in your house, and then Pretend Play starts…..sometimes even if the child is by himself you hear them creating a conversation, one minute he is mum, then his dad etc. etc.

I find this amazing. This shows how much influence we have on our kids. Parents and carers are very important part in a child’s life. They will role play or pretend play, what they experience in their everyday life.

They will in a way give you an insight of what they are thinking, feeling  and experiencing. If a parent is wise enough, they should take this seriously, as they can get to know their children better.

You can extend this role play, with the selection of toys that you offer them. Change their home corner, every so often with different toys, and challenge them.

For example if you are going Camping..

camping set 350

…this little set is great to prepare them for this experience, you can talk about what they will expect, what you will be doing etc.

If you have a pet  at home this might create more pretend play

pet set 350

If you as a family spend a lot of time in the garden…these play sets…will be great!

outdoor setting350swing set

lgardening set

Two other exciting role play sets are these 2 gorgeous busy boxes…
  • Doctor/hospital Set
My hospital busybox350
  • Coffee Shop
My coffee shop busybox350

And the list goes on…you will find a variety of furniture sets, doll sets, doll houses and play centers  in store!

Do you encourage pretend play?

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