Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A quote "Silent gratitude isn't very much to anyone." by Gertrude Stein which made me think……


A quote "Silent gratitude isn't very much to anyone." by Gertrude Stein which made me think and write this post.

We seem to take so many things for granted these days, do you? I know I do sometimes. Life is a cat race, and many times we are caught in it.
  • we expect everyone to be nice to us
  • we take it for granted that our parents or friends are always there for us
  • some children expect that they can get whatever they wish, and some parents are made feeling that they are a failure and they cannot grant their wishes
  • patients or sick people, some do not even realize how much the carers are doing for them
  • as we grow older we get grumpier, and I think older people have a certain expectation to be treated special
  • mums who work from home, seem to be less appreciated than the ones who go out to work
  • teachers, carers who teach, look after, and trust with our most precious investments (kids), do not seem to be appreciated as much..
  • people we meet everyday, being behind the counter at a shopping centre, hairdresser, doctors etc.…do you stop to think they are offering you a great service or do you take it for granted that is what they are there for?
  • when you are walking in the street, do you pass by a person and not even acknowledging them…
  • your postman, courier guy, dentist, florist etc..etc.….do you appreciate the service that they are offering you?
What am I trying to highlight here….where is the word “Thank You”, or “you have done a great job
I am sure one would feel on top of the world, if someone acknowledged  his or her effort.
So how about when you see:
  • your kids teacher or carer next time…you simple say for example…”thank you for being such a special person in my kids life, we really appreciate what you do for them”
  • if your child or someone close to you is in hospital, and you are visiting…say to the nurse “thank you for being such a wonderful carer, you are doing a magnificent job”
  • when you happen to see your postman “ acknowledge the fact that he is offering a great service to you”
  • when you see or talk to your parents next….”thank you mum and dad for being who you are” 
  • and I can keep going here….
Don’t you think this would make a better world? Of course it would. Imagine someone acknowledges what you have done for them…don’t you feel so special, so happy ……

I would like to thank you all of you who are following my blog, you make me feel so special. I also like to thank all those bloggers that I follow, who are a continuous inspiration.

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