Friday, July 15, 2011

Bloggers Brunch ~~ Reviewing Mega Bloks

Part5 ~~ a continuation of my experience that I had at the awesome ~~Bloggers Brunch organized by Parenting Group TV Show, “Room to Grow”…..& Sponsors….

mega bloks

It is MEGA BLOKS not Mega Blocks

One of the toys that I was given is the starter pack of 24  Maxi Bloks marked 1+

This is a lovely starter pack in their range which was designed to help preschoolers ages 1+ to improve their development sills.  Having worked with kids for over 25years , this actually raised my attention. It is great to find toys that were designed for young toddlers in mind, as most of the toys are geared for 3+

Their range keeps on growing to the next stage of Mega Bloks 2+ and Micro Blocks for 5+. The beauty about this range is that it is compatible with other construction blocks on the market.

When I source out products for kids, I cannot help it, but I like to offer them toys with an educational background as well.

This fits in quite a few developmental areas:
  • imagination and creativity
  • gross motor skills
  • sorting, as in colour(they come in primary colours),and shape, so this helps in developing organization and recognition skills
  • fine motor skills
  • increase their problem solving and encourages concentration
  • language skills & social development
I like their motto ”Just don’t tell your kids….they think they’re playing”

These Bloks come in a variety of packages, and prices start from as little as $9.99.  You can browse what there is on offer over here

I am quite impressed with the quality and the range they offer, I am seriously thinking of starting to stock it in my store, as I need to introduce more products  into my construction and building section.

Thank you MEGA BLOKS for giving me this opportunity to review your product.

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