Friday, July 15, 2011

New Vaseline for Dry Skin with Vitamins A,E & B5

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I was asked lately, if I would like to review Vaseline dry skin conditioning lotion with vitamins A,E & B5.

The first thing that cropped to my mind is this little tub Vaseline® Petroleum Jellyof Vaseline Petroleum Jelly that all of us used to have in the cupboard when we were kids,  to dab on our skin when we had dry lips. It used to do wonders. When I had my kids, I used to use it relieve them from any baby rash that they used to have.

Well since then Vaseline came a long way, their mission statement isto provide the knowledge, advice and skin care products that enable everyone to enjoy great, healthy looking skin every day.”

Going back to the product I was given to review, when I received it, I placed it on my kitchen window sill and looked at it, and I said to myself,  I am going to give this a go and see if it helps improve my skin.

Just to give you and idea, I am a ceramist, and my hands spend a lot of time handling dirt, paint  and in water. You might ask why don’t you wear gloves? Unfortunately, it is easier said than done, as it is not that sort of work that you can do so. I also cannot use excessive cream, as if you have too much oil on your hands, it can effect and stain the “greenware”, so I am a bit wary of what to buy to use on  my hands.   I also get a reaction from handling cardboard boxes, my cuticles gets inflamed and thus weakens my nails.

I started using Vaseline dry skin conditioning lotion for nearly a week now. Initially I squeezed the pump a bit too much, one only needs a tiny squirt, to rub into the palm of one’s hand. What I like about it too that, it absorbs easily into the skin and that it is not greasy, which soots me fine, as I cannot use any creams that are greasy. your skin feels softly instantly, and I have noticed that my cuticles are getting better.

It might be a bit late for me this message by Coco Chanel  as I am already there, but the way our climate is going we need to look after our skin more and encourage our kids to do so to.

"Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; life shapes the face you have at thirty; but at fifty, you get the face you deserve.”

Some interesting research: “New research by Vaseline reveals that nearly half of all Australians (48%) are ageing far from gracefully, with dry skin leading to the appearance of premature ageing such as sagging and wrinkling. A lack of daily moisturising from Aussie women contributes to the problem, and comparisons to other countries around the world make this even more apparent. Only 40% of Australians are using a body lotion regularly compared to over 89% in other markets like Brazil, South Africa & Philippines. This alarming situation is worsened once you add our harsh climate to the mix, with large fluctuations in humidity and temperature wreaking havoc on our skin and making it more susceptible to being dry, dull and therefore displaying signs of premature ageing.
The research study also highlighted that Australian women appear to have a non-preventative mind set about skin problems, meaning Aussie women will wait for problems to manifest and then escalate before they are treated. They are continuously experiencing problems with dry skin and cracked heels, yet they are not taking any preventive measures. Not only are Aussie women battling with dry skin, they have the highest number of dry skin related problems as a result”

This is so scary when you think about it……

You can find this product in a variety of sizes:
200mL: RRP: $ 4.99, 375mL: RRP: $ 7.29, 750mL: RRP: $ 10.99
Stockist Info: 1800 061 027 (AUST)

If you would like more info regarding Vaseline…why don’t you take a trip over to and check out all their wonderful products that they have on offer.
Thank you Nuffnang and Vaseline for giving me this opportunity to try this product.
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