Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My new latest experience with Google+

This week Google+ landed…..

Some of my great networking friends introduced me to Google+ this week…..I got so excited with the whole thing, that after coming back from an event that I was exhibiting all day….I sat down with my laptop of my lap and started exploring.

I have to say…that it is such a great concept and I think Facebook is going to have a big competition ahead of them.

Well I started adding friends to my circle…then I started looking  around what Google+ had to offer. I love how you can easily drag your friends into circles, by just pointing at the profile and drag it in a preferred circle of friends…..I reckon that is so cool.

I ventured towards the photos..and low and below all the images that I have uploaded through Blogger and Windows Live Writer, they were all there  in different albums. Oh I said “this great you can organize your photos easily here….you have the options of deleting images that you do not want to use anymore.”

So I started deleting some images.

I have to remind you that this stage it was getting late at night…and I had a big day as it is. Without realizing, I pressed the back button and pressed the delete button, thinking I was deleting one photo…(I have to say here that it does give you the option yes or no to delete) and without even thinking much about it I pressed yes…………..and OMG as I did that I realized that I have deleted the whole Album….and what does that mean says you……most of my images in my posts on my Blog disappeared.

I nearly cried…………..I took a deep breath and started going through post by post, OMG what have I done? Yes you guessed it  post after post after post…images not there. Thank God the last few months I have been using Windows Live Writer to publish my posts, so those where in a different folder.

I did not have a choice, but going post by post and started uploading images again…I still have quite a fair bit to go….and come what may I will get my blog to where it was before.

I do not do a lot of mistakes…but when I do I seem to make a big one….Well, I do not know what the outcome of this is going to be …or why it happened, as I do believe things happen for a reason, but I surely learnt a big lesson from this.

Saying out Loud!
  • I still have not started backing up my blog
  • I need to get into the habit of doing this
  • If I am tired, I should not venture into trying new things
  • I have to control my excitement
Please Google I am not blaming you, I am just letting go a bit here, as I really lost the plot this weekend!

And for you that are crawling through my blog….I apologize if you find posts with missing images, I am trying to get them back to normal, but this will take time.

Have you had mishaps like this, please enlighten me, tell me that I am not the only one that do these big  unforgiveable mistakes?

I need some loving here Crying face

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