Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kokoda Walk

Kokoda Walk
I am writing this post when I feel slack like I am at the moment..... I would come back to this and it will remind of many good days that I have enjoyed when I was doing this track on regular basis 3 days a week......I need....need..... to start back on track..... I need some stimulation!!!!!!!!!

This is one my challenges at the moment to go back on track  literary ..I have slacked a lot...last time this year I was doing this 3 times a week...and it felt fantastic...Have you ever been here? It is a magical place to be amongst all the ferns, trickling of water...peaceful environment...time to reconnect and  also a place for me where  I do a lot of my thinking....

It is a challenge to do this walk.....1000 steps... yes that is right 1000 steps if you want to find more about this magical place have a look over here... Kokoda Walk

I let you be in our imagination wherever.. perhaps you might think I am crazy ...or perhaps it might entice you to get back in too some sort of physical activity....I enjoy being outdoors when I can and enjoy nature at its best.....

I have to stop making excuses....I find my work controls me  sometimes, unfortunately enjoying what you do sometimes is not a good thing......ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Okay lovely bird you will soon see me joining you again !

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