Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Watch out the pirates are here….wooden pirate ship, pirate marionettes, pirate finger puppets, pirate pencils, pirate dolls………

Just docked  in Port Melbourne…this amazing Grand Pirate Ship, ready to entice some gorgeous Pirate followers around the world….It actually set sails all around Australia. I am sure it will be sailing the high seas to come and visit…..the young enthusiastic pirates who want to play along!

wooden pirate ship

What an exciting Play Centre! It is a child’s dream…I am sure it will be the pride and joy  for a boy to have in his room. It is also an ideal activity for a Kinder Group or Play group…

Approx. 79cm L x 22 cm W and 55cm H
Set includes:
1 x Pirate Ship
4 x Pirate Dolls
1 x Cannon
2 x Barrels
4 x Stairs

Wait this is not all….the small pirates have turned into large Marionettes….also just made their way to our On Line Gift Shop these gorgeous 3 Pirate Sting Puppets


I am so excited that I think you probably will be to…This is an exciting range…..I am sure every boy would love this, as well I think some girls too.

This gorgeous Finger puppet will compliment his friends up top….to entertain many.

red pirate finger350
Can you imagine what a great theme Birthday Party this would be…!

To celebrate in style you can also organize a Personalized Plate for the lucky Birthday boy…

Happy Birthday personalized Pirate Plate Name personalized Pirate  Plate

And what about the party bags….I think these gorgeous Pirate pencils will be great to include


I think I have everything covered for you…but wait perhaps you prefer to create a Pirate Theatre Scene……

Or else you might need some pirates too, for friends to join in the play.
ca 0004 pirates

I think I have well and truly covered everything for you….or  rather for your big boy and little boy in your life Smile.Now they can start playing and you can have some me time…….


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