Thursday, March 3, 2011

Children, Teenagers and Puppets

I have done a bit of research on People experiences in Children, Teenagers and Puppets.

These are some posts that people from all kind of backgrounds wrote and I thought I shared them with you.

  1. Puppets By: rainbowbutterfly27 , she talks about her experience working with kids with mental health Issues
  2. Another interesting read I found about puppetry is this "Early Child Experiences in Language Arts: Early Literacy by Jeanne M.Machado".  In her book she goes in great details of how Puppetry helps children grow in enriching their vocabulary, and other learning needs. Very highly recommended
  3. This is a fantastic read for those of you who have teenage problems " Ideas for Expressing Art Therapy Experiences " by Katie Tonarely.   I found this quite interesting as she talks about how puppets can help teenagers in expressing themselves. I did not think about this before. I always assimilated Puppets with Kids.
  4. This one is very fascinating "Story telling with puppets" by Connie Champlin some great tips on having silent puppets and talking puppets and how to use them in the build of the not saying any more you have to read this one.
I hope you enjoy reading these articles and would love some of your thoughts on what you read.

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