Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cute gorgeous Mice by Barefoot…………..created by Barbara Sansoni


As a child…you would have mentioned the word  Mouse and I would have run miles……..When I had my kids , I remember the lovely books with beautiful illustrations of country mice. I started to change my way of thinking.  So much so that I started painting mice figurines for the “Country collection

Then I stumbled along the barefoot range…and it was instant love at first sight with this range. I have a soft spot for Barefoot Products.

They come in bright beautiful colours, the dyes that they use are not toxic and all materials are colour fast. There is  a wide range of lovable toys available …you can see all the selection that I stock over here

I have to say the Mice Collection is one of my favourites!!
Once you see them for yourself…you know what I am talking about. Every time I display them at an event, all the lovely ladies, have to stop and have a feel of them. They are so adorable.

They come in an Extra large size  down to the little one sitting down.  All barefoot toys are unique and handmade. Not one is the same as the other, they are all dressed up different in gorgeous bright colours,, the girls have underpants and their dresses are finished of with embroidery. They are so loveable. When a child holds one of the mice, they become their instant friend! Their shoes are finished off in detail with shoe laces and all.

Wait this is not all…if you want to go further, a Mouse House is available. It comes with a family of 6 mice, with furnishings, such as cushions, bed, wall hangings and wall mirror. Again, none of the Mouse Houses are the same colour.  They were designed to collapse so you can take them on holidays with you, or to someone’s else’s house when visiting. They can be hang on your wardrobe doors, or organize a hook with a chain coming down from the ceiling and hang it on it. They are the most adorable thing you ever see. The top storey is an attic , the buttons can be undone and one can play with the mice on that level as well. This is what I  call an heirloom, it is a gift that a grandmother, should give to her grandchild, boy or girl, and passed on to generations to come.

mice family

I just love them…..I am sure you can tell by now. I do not have any gran kids yet…but I have one in my family room hanging in the corner.


So if your after a friend for life….you cannot go past these friendly mice.

medium mice300

They are looking for a loving home Smile


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