Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year to all….welcome 2013


Thank you to those who supported us in 2012 and we look forward to be of service to you again in ..........!



Best wishes to all -- great, exciting things ahead!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weddings, Christmas…keepsakes what is the connection together?


Christmas is a time where we like to celebrate happiness, share things, give each other gifts, spend more quality time together as a family or close friends. We tend to have more social gatherings, like Christmas get togethers being work, family or friends.

 For most of us at this time with the lead up to Christmas, it can be a special time, decorating your house with gorgeous Christmas Decorations. Maybe organizing a family time where you put up the Christmas Tree together.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let them personalize or make a statement with...

Shains recyclable Cuffs & Bracelets…are the latest craze in store…. 



Everyone that see them love them!
I have been in search for something with an educational kick for the older kids…. and I was chuffed when I found this range.

It is a gorgeous product made from recyclable materials.

Very popular with the 5yrs+  age group
learning in a fun way.......
spelling, expressing oneself, make a statement!
great gift idea!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Melbourne Christmas Market Event…..Sunday 9th December 2012 Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Melbourne Christmas Market Event…..

What an exciting time Christmas is!  Christmas day, apart from celebrating the Birth of Jesus, I see a lot of people come together to celebrate this special day, share quality time and exchange gifts as a tradition that has been going for so many years.


Personally, this is my favourite time of the year, I so much love Christmas, I am also a Christmas Baby, born only 4 days before Christmas. My parents say they never forget that Christmas I brought so much joy to them.

Work wise, have called myself Mrs Claus for quite a while now, as I specialize in organizing your Christmas Decorations with special ones like these.


I  source out a variety of special items, which most of you have the pleasure of enjoying themselves or giving to someone else.


I also specialize in creating Personalized Gifts for every occasion.

When Esther from LR decided to create Melbourne Christmas Event,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Have you thought of what you are going to give your kid’s Teacher or maybe a special friend this Christmas?


Christmas gifts, can be worry for some, especially with people that you do not know that well.

hollyberries hollyberries hollyberries hollyberries hollyberries hollyberrieshollyberries hollyberries hollyberries

What would you give someone who you do not know very well?

Maybe you just want to say thank you or show your appreciation to someone, a special person who went out of their way to help you.

Maybe just to wish someone, your neighbor, colleague,your kids teachers, or anyone else who has been involved in their every day routine, maybe their carer, or teacher’s aid.




How many soaps, handkerchiefs, candles etc.….can one give!


Have you every thought of organizing a special gift with a special personalized message, or just a “Merry Christmas” message?

hollyberries hollyberries hollyberries

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby’s First Christmas…..

What a joyful time of the year, to have your Baby with you for his or her First Christmas!


personalized baby boy and girl keepsakes

Personally, I must have been the talk of the moment on my First Christmas as I was born a few days before Christmas, and was First Grandchild for both sides. Oh I feel very special about thatSmile

I am sure many of you are going to experience that either with your first child, grandchild or other siblings this year. They might be just born or they might be toddlers crawling around the house, or maybe even almost walking.

What a trill to be able to buy something for a little one again. I find great enjoyment buying things for young ones, as I love seeing their eyes glow when they open presents. It is different when they grow up as they are very particular in what they are after. So enjoy making them happy!

In our store, we have lots of gorgeous and unique items that are on offer. One of them is a special keepsakepersonalized Christmas bauble, that you can enjoy for many years to come on your Christmas Tree, you can choose from one of the many designs that we have on offer and personalize it with a name or a message, or you can also have your own image. You can browse at the selection over here. Please do not leave it till late to order these, as Mrs Claus is already getting busy organizing and making orders to help Santa.

Here are some more gorgeous finds in my store

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where I am venturing these 3 days.....

Wednesday the 17th October

Caribbean Market
8:30am – 2:30pm
1280 Ferntree Gully Road,
View Google Map


Thursday the 18th October

Bullen Plaza – Thursday (3rd Thursday of the month)

79/109 Manningham Rd, Bulleen VIC 3105‎

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Would you consider giving your kids Educational Toys for Christmas?

A lot of thought is done to see what Gifts one is going to give their kids for Christmas!


Maybe they are on a

  • wish list
  • or maybe you saw something and you thought this would be the right thing for your kids
But have you really thought of giving them Educational gifts for Christmas?

Maybe it may sounds not like a lot of fun, but in reality you would have done the best thing by your child.

Educational toys are lots of fun, and at the same time they are learning as they play. Have a look at the list of categories you can find in our store, and maybe check them one by one and see the range of fun educational products that you will find under each category.

We have purposely, listed them under the various categories, so it will give you a guide as to what activity and skills you might want to offer and develop. You will find a range of activities for various age groups. They can be offered both at home or in a group situation, like playgroups, kinder, or crèches. 

Make yourself a cuppa and just browse through the different categories, and find what is best suited for your child.

Activities with musical instruments...                   Alphabet...

Musical intruements         Alphabet aids in learing

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Baby & Toddler Show – 5 free double passes to give away…

Have you ever been to one of “The Baby & Toddler Show” ?

They  are held in different states in Australia. Well this time it is happening at the Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour.

Baby Logo


What do you expect to find at this event?

At the Baby & Toddler Show you’ll find everything you need to get ready for your new arrival and guide you through the early weeks and years of parenting. And you can look forward to a special day out with luxurious facilities for new mums and first-class entertainment for the whole family.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Flash Cards by Mudpuppy

Amongst  some of the great products in store now we have Flash Cards by Mudpuppy

26 Mudpuppy Flash cards come in a reclosable ring, double sided and gift boxed
Recommended for ages 3+


Friday, September 21, 2012

More Talk about Mudpuppy beautifully designed toys and gifts…..

Yes there is a lot of talk about our new range of Mudpuppy in store!

I personally fell in love with them, as you well know I am always on the hunt of something special to introduce in my store, and these caught my eye.

I have already spoken about the range of puzzles that I have introduced. This time I will talk about these gorgeous Magnetic Design Sets which sure to please and treasure by boys and girls.

Construction-magnetic-350   Dinosaurs-magnetic-350

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jodi founder of JOLI Natural Skin Care is one of the lovely people that I met through my journey!

 Jodi is the face behind “Joli Natural Skin Care”, and I have the pleasure to introduce her to you.  I came to know Jodi, initial she was a customer of mine , where later I had the opportunity to meet her in real life….

In one of our conversations, I asked her to tell us a bit about her, so I can share it with you, and so here we go…..One thing I know she is very passionate in what she does, and is very much in support to Australian Made.

About you:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bulleen Plaza and Caribbean Market for this week

Yes this is where you find me venturing this week…!

Bullen Plaza – Thursday 20th(3rd Thursday of the month)


THIS MONTH  Thursday September 20th – We are reinventing this special day which will showcase a variety of local handmade item stalls, in conjunction with retailers having super specials of the day and free food samples! They will have a fabulous roving entertainer  Edvardo who will perform between 10am and  2pm. Sometimes comic. Sometimes serious. Always fun. Edvardo, the performing waiter, comes to serve Bulleen. Comments and stories from shoppers will be playfully woven into song. With warmth, humour and his unique talent for spontaneous song, Edvardo is full of surprises



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elmore Field Show is approaching…and you will see me there again

Have you heard of Elmore Show before?


Exhibiting at Elmore Field Show 2012 Romantic Flair Original

Every year in the first week in October, Elmore comes to live with the “Elmore Field Days.” It has been going on since 1964

It is always interesting to see when I arrive to set up on  Monday, how vast areas of grounds are transformed into an array of display of

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mudpuppy puzzles, magnetic design sets, flash cards have landed in store….

Have you heard of Mudpuppy?

Mudpuppy creates beautifully designed toys and gifts. We now have in store a selection of beautifully designed puzzles ranging from 12pc, 42pc. and 100pc. puzzles for all different age groups.

First Puzzle and extra-thick jigsaw 12 Piece Puzzles

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Play tents for Kids have arrived in store with an array of designs

Kids Play Tents have arrived in store with different theme designs to choose from

"Cheekey Monkey"
As a child, have you sometimes wanted to have a little space or hideout to call your own . I remember myself, I used to go behind our corner coach at home, and enjoy that little space for myself for a period of time, either playing with some of my favourite toys or reading.
I think we all need time out from time to time. When I was sourcing out products this year, I came along this range,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Doll Houses in store…..

These Doll Houses, are new in store 

Check them out some are modern styles, other are Victorian. Some come with a package of Doll House furniture and a dolls family
 Light pink wooden doll house DH8473 350

Friday, August 31, 2012

Red Hill Market is back on again Saturday 1st September


Yes it is that time again, Redhill Market is back on again and that is where you will find me in my normal spot.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where will you find me the next 2 days…. Caribbean Gardens --- Taralye Big Annual Event

Friday 24th August – Caribbean Gardens

Every Friday, there is a day Market at the Caribbean Gardens, and every First Friday of the month, it is focused on Baby & Kids Market. You will find an array of products and you can also make your shopping for fresh produce… It is all undercover…so you will be well protected from nasty weather, also if the weather is good the kids train rides are free….! I exhibit here every Friday…so you know where else you can find me.

Monday, August 20, 2012

We grief our loved in different ways, and I know for many a Memorial Keepsake seems to pull them along….

Memory, memorial…not like the real thing…but helps us to hang on to someone dear to us......


Personalized Christmas Bauble D8 350

If you are here, you must have gone through a great loss. I do feel your pain....maybe not as much as you do right now, but yes I have been there myself as well.

Long time ago, at one of my exhibits, I was asked if I would do a Memorial Keepsake Bauble, which at the time I did not offer one from my Christmas Selection. I pondered, and I realized what a thoughtful thing it was, to have your loved ones on the Christmas Tree as a memory. Since then I think I have filled a big gap, as there are not many available. I feel I have helped many along their journey of their grief.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Are you after a Baby, Christening or Baptismal Gift?

These days, with most of our kids being spoilt with so many clothes and toys, one always is on the hunt for something special like a Keepsake which can be treasured for many years to come, when they are after a Special Gift for a Baby, Christening or Baptism.

Parents these days get so showered with gifts, that probably they will never end up using. So a gorgeous keepsake like this I am sure they will end up treasuring.

baby personalized plate 1B 150baby personalized plate 1G 150baby personalized plate 4P 150

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kids & Nursery Furniture by Teamson

Teamson  Kids & Nursery Furniture is in store and wow hasn’t just been a big hit!


We all love special and unique things, especially if it is handmade and handcrafted with love. This range is hand carved and hand painted by talented artists. It is not mass produced, so very limited stock enter Australia.

10 important things to consider when buying a doll house for your child at home or in a work environment…..

Wooden pink doll house DH8475

If you are in the hunt of purchasing a Doll House or Play center, I thought I share a few tips with you to help you make up your mind.

 I had 2 kids of my own and worked with other children for 25 years, so I have been on both sides of the fence. On my On-line store as some of you know I do stock doll houses and various play centers in different shapes forms and sizes. When I am doing various events around Melbourne, my question to a person concerned who is in the market of purchasing one is…..

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where will you find me the next 2 days….Bulleen Plaza and Caribbean Gardens

Yes I will be trooping around from one suburb to another in the next 2 days…..

Thursday 15th August  --  Bulleen Plaza

market day

Market day happens every 3rd Thursday of the month for Bulleen Plaza. It will be nice to catch with the local people and anyone who passes along that way. Bulleen Plaza is known for all the different cafe's, that it has, so why don’t you stop by have a coffee with a friend and browse around the shopping center and the stalls that exhibit on market day. One of them of course is me…so who knows I might see you there.

Friday 16th August – Caribbean Gardens

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One of my favourite spots is the Kokoda Memorial walk…….


If you are ever around the Dandenong ranges in Melbourne stop by this beautiful National Park, either for a walk or maybe taking the kids to the park, or perhaps have BBQ amongst the lush splendor.

For those who are after a vigorous, heart pumping exercise, then you cannot go by this one, March your way up the steep, 1000 step-climb of the Kokoda Walk and experience a sense of the exhaustion felt by the Australian soldiers following the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea in World War II.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Barbie & Bratz Dolls needs a place to live….and that is what Teamson has created….the New York & London Mansions!

New York & London Mansions by Teamson


New York Mansion

Barbie’s have always been one  favourite doll that most of us carried around or played with in our childhood years. Bratz dolls followed them along.

Doll Houses for these size dolls are hard to find, especially quality ones. Teamson have come up with 2 gorgeous designs. They are both popular, and sought after by many.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Books, Kids books, library…….bookends for children


Bookends, children books…..Story time!

Teamson Book Ends Magic Garden Collection

We all love reading books to our children. I used to look forward to cuddle up with my kids and share that special moment reading and sharing stories.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

‘Giveaway’ ~~ Better Homes and Gardens going LIVE 14th to 16th September 2012 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park

Giveaway’ ~~ Better Homes and Gardens going LIVE 14th to 16th September 2012 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park


Better Homes & Gardens Live Show

Once again the “Better Homes & Garden” is going live, this time at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park

I personally attended the Melbourne show last February, and as I expected, I ended up gathering quite a few information on some home projects that we were entertaining to do at the time. The show was buzzing with  lot of activities and live shows with the lovely personalities we are so used to on the TV Show,  “ Better Homes & Garden”.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jurassic park.....Dinosaurs, Kids furniture, Teamson.... what connection is there with each other?

Jurassic park.....Dinosaurs, Kids furniture, Teamson.... what connection is there with each other?

Well Teamson is a well know brand world wide for Kids furniture & Nursery Decor.

I just love the words:

Friday, July 27, 2012

Do you have a fascination with Rocking Horses?

Wooden Rocking Horses are always a fascination of mine…..!

Teamson Rocking Horse Princess & frog Collection

Ever since I was a child I had always this fascination with Horses. Unfortunately I am not game to ride one, so if you are like me the next best thing is to offer young children…the enjoyment of a rocking horse.

Rocking horses have been in existence since probably the 400BC. In the age of Chivalry in the 1300’s wheeled horses were made for children to re-enact, and by the nineteenth century, pull along horses were created in England, Europe and America.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Christmas in July from down under.......

Happy Christmas in July from down under.......

Christmas in July Christmas in July Christmas in July Christmas in July Christmas in July Christmas in July

As some of you have noticed our store, is booming with new and exciting products, more will come in the near future. I am always on the hunt for something special for you to enjoy or to pass on to someone dear to you.

Well let's get to Business,


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