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Romantic Flair Original

My Motto: The Pleasure of GIVING is far greater than RECEIVING......

Here I talk about the great range of Special & Unique Gifts that I offer in store,and also share my life experiences with all of you.                                                                                         

Romantic ~ Love the Sound of this word!
Flair yes have it.....

Original ~ strive for it!

What am I going on about........?

Yes you guessed it. This is how I came about the name for my "blog" which is also the name of my "On line Gift Shop" Romantic Flair Original


 I love the chapter of my life I am in now...I am happily married and we are the proud parents of 2 wonderful kids (adults) who have now have left our nest. We are experiencing a new stage of our life.

Growing up I always endeavored to be different ......my school holidays were always spend learning a new craft. Creating  anything and everything  from any scraps of different materials that I used to find around....

Okay stop rambling.....  I am only trying to give you an insight of what I have created here...

Another passion that I had was reading...I can literally say I was a bookworm. One of the books that fascinated me is  "A Woman of Substance" by Barbara Taylor Bradford.Emma Harte one of the characters casted a spell on me and lived in a fairly land for a very long time, thinking of one day opening my own "On Line Gift Shop"

Anyway time passed...I worked in the Hospitality Industry for a while as I qualified as Hotel Manageress. I enjoyed that period of my time. My kids came along...and I could not make myself go back to work.  It was a full on career job, and I decided to give it up.  I ended working with kids from home where at the same time looking after mine...Well  25 years later when I decided that my kids do not really need me anymore...I thought I go back to fairy land and make it a reality.

My dream came a reality.....I have combined my creative side, with my endless experience working with kids, and all my other endeavors in my life... to offer you:
  1. Personalized Gifts created and designed to your needs for all Occasions
  2. Original Christmas Products
  3. Source out Educational toys and other unique product
  4. A Blog 
  1. Obviously I talk about my products, specials, new items in store etc...
  2. I also like making reviews and organize giveaways, so if you would like me to review a product please feel free to contact me, I would love to hear from you.
  3. I try to have most of my posts with a purpose, like for example
  • Activities one can have with a particular product..
  • Sharing experiences 
  • Showing my designs in different colours or styles...so I give people more options...I find that a lot of people do not have the gift of creating  or seeing something finished...so they need to visualize. 
  • I also like to share my every day journey through my life...as I feel it is very important for you to know that I am a simple person like you and you and you....... 
Now let see....have I bored you to death...Oh No I hope not as I would love to have you here again....I would like to share my life time experience with you ...and I am also looking forward to learn from you when you share your thoughts .....So why don't you join me for a cuppa!

(for those who have never heard this name before it is short for Mary Therese)

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