Monday, July 11, 2011

Witchetty Grub by the exclusive Barefoot range…..

Witchetty Grubs by Barefoot

For Those Of You Who Have Not Heard Of Barefoot Before, I Will Give You An Insight Of How It Started.

A Lady by the name of Barbara Sansoni, created the Barefoot concept out of need for a rehabilitation programme for young Sri Lankan woman who had limited schooling and skills in 1958. All products are individually handmade to perfection and are all unique as they vary in colour from one to the other. There is no slave labour involved and people are paid normal wages.

The material that they are made of is hand-woven out of 100% natural fibres and are all uniquely handmade. Swiss dyes are used and they are non toxic.

There is a large range of products and these are some of the range that I stock can see the whole range of products on my store

Well you can rightly say I am biased about this range as I am thoroughly in love with it, and I think everyone that sees it will feel the same…
  • the vibrant colours
  • the texture of the material
  • the uniqueness of their designs
  • and I can keep going on….
Here I am bragging about these Witchetty Grubs….

WitchettyGrub 2

I could safely say that this is, one of the most popular seller in my range
  • it is huggable toy initially
  • the body is made of rings, which as a baby or toddler they can throw, suck on them when they are teething
  • as they grow older, it becomes a learning activity, counting all the rings, learning all the different colours, on one side of the rings
  • by kinder age it will become a threading activity, by threading all the rings back into the body
  • so you see this is ideal for a Baby or Christening Gift
  • this toy can grow with the child, as it offers versatile play
witchery grub

It does not mean much when you see it in the image, but the majority of people once they see it, they make it theirs.
Saying that they are also acquiring a unique special toy for their child or for the person that is receiving it.
As you see below…they are all different, a unique handcrafted toy made with love…

Some more gorgeous unique toys from barefoot….Quirky and Gorgeous Toys with an Australian Theme
Other Lovely unique products Kids Backpacks by Barefoot
These Dolls are adorable

If you decide to purchase one of these toys please let me know what your colour preference is and I see what I can help you from what I have in stock…and I can guarantee that you would love them   Thumbs up


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