Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blocks...blocks... wooden blocks....alphabet & numbers

Lets have fun and learn with these wooden educational blocks......

They come in a great storage wooden box with a total of 48 blocks. Ideal for 2+ 

How does this set help your kids?

  • It promotes picture recognition,numbers & alphabet
  • It develop maths skills
  • It is a resource activity which will grow with your child right through primary school

Friday, February 13, 2015

Who has tasted coconut water or heard of Cocobella kids?

Up until of late, personal I have not drank or tasted coconut water nor heard of Cocobella Kids. Have you?

It tasted really nice. Topped or mixed with a little bit of fruit juice again brings another bite to it. lately I was invited to taste a drink in a pack, one was Apple Berry and the other one was Tropical. I have to say I enjoyed the Apple Berry as I am not a big fan of Pineapple....but then that is me.

So I looked at the pack further and I realized that is made out 70% coconut water and 30% fruit juice. I thought this is a great drink to offer kids in their lunch box or as a treat instead of water sometimes. I am very aware of giving kids healthy snacks and drinks. I brought my own kids on drinking gallons of fruit juice on its own thinking I was doing the right thing, to find out later on that this is not a healthy option. But this pack diluted with coconut water is brilliant.

So here is some info for those who would consider offering their children a healthy option  instead of water sometimes.



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