Thursday, January 29, 2015

Look what has arrived in store...this gorgeous Noble Kitchen by Viga Toys

Wooden Noble Kitchen by Viga Toys for boys and girls

I am excited about this kitchen....
Wooden Noble Kitchen by Viga
  • It is a unisex colour - boys and girls would love this.
  • It will be perfect for those people who are colour for them is important, as this will blend in well with any decor.
  • very competitive in price.
  • very sleek design
  • comes with utensils, an added bonus!
  • a quality toy by Viga Toys
This will suit
  • home envoirnment
  • playgroups
  • family daycare
  • childcare centres
You can view other selection of kitchens over here.....I think you will find it hard to choose from:)

We also offer Gift Vouchers if you are undecided as to what to give!


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pink Victoria Doll House is due to arrive just in time for Christmas in 2 weeks

Arriving back in stock in 2 weeks is this gorgeous Wooden Doll House the "Pink Victoria Doll House"

Wooden Pink Victoria with dolls & furniture

There are quite a few waiting for it, so if you have not placed your order yet, I think you'd better as you might miss out.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This gorgeous Polka Design Tin Tea Set has arrived in store...

This gorgeous Polka Design Tin Tea Set has compliment the rest of the Kitchens and Accessories available in  store

Red Polka Design Tin Tea Set x 4 


Tin Tea set in Red Polka Dot Design for 4


This gorgeous Tea set is a great addition to the home Corner area.

Material: Tin

Monday, November 3, 2014

51 days till Christmas

Are you counting yet.....there is only 51days till Christmas.......!

have you placed your orders yet?

  • We including our, Mrs. Claus are burning the midnight oil to get your orders ready for Christmas!

Red Rooster is changing their way of thinking.....

Red Rooster realised that people no longer want fast food; they want real, nourishing food from a known source, they are making a lot of changes and adding many healthier options to their menu.

Lately I have been offered the opportunity to try one of their family meals.


Red Rooster Store

To tell you the truth lately I have changed my eating lifestyle, so I was  hesitant initially to try what I normally perceived as fast food. 

I do not think I have been to a Red Rooster store for a while. So anyway I went along and picked up our Red Rooster Family Meal.

This Roast chicken meal was for four people and is what you see below:


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