Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dressing up skills..co-ordination,colours,outfits and accessories….great pretend play

dress up doll setsHave you ever played dress ups when you were a little child? 

Going down memory lane which is quite a long one these days Smile , I have fond memories of us 3 siblings playing dressing ups. We were 2 girls and a boy, me being the eldest, as any eldest child does…we tend to organize others. In Europe it is the custom in summer especially as the weather tends to be quite hot, for people to have a little siesta, as the heat wears you off…and then stay later awake at night. So as mum used to have a lie down, us 3 kids we used to get into a bit of mischief,  (if you may call that mischief), as we were not really troublesome kids. We used to dress up in some of my mums old clothes or else we used to swap clothes with my brother, my sister and myself and have lots of fun.

As a mother and also working with preschools, I always was a big fan of introducing and creating areas for dress ups. I kept quite a few of my kids baby clothes as they are ideal dress ups for big dolls, they fit perfect. With the bigger kids, I used to have a box full of old clothes and some I might have picked from Opp Shops, along with bags, costume jewellery, belts, wigs, masks…they used to have a ball. It is a shame that I do not have any photos to show you.

Along my sourcing of products for my store, I came along a couple of products which are amongst my favourites. They top the list of my favourites actually! Yes it is okay to offer what I have talked to you about above, but these 2 products offer you other fantastic skills….as well.
  • They are great for quite time..or as a one to one activity at Playgroup, Kinder, Family Day care, or Child Care Centres.
  • They are also ideal if you are travelling for a long period of time, as they would be ideal for child to have it on their lap and play whilst on the trip being in a car, a plane etc. They come in a wooden box with a sliding lid.
  • Also if you go visiting or perhaps go out for a meal with friends and you need to take something with you to keep them entertained.

    dress up puppet set 450

    In the meantime they are learning:
    1. Dressing up skills
    2. Co-ordination --- as in choosing which clothes go with which outfit for each doll.
    3. Colour recognition
    4. Dexterity – skills like able to put the actual garment on, like opening and closing fasteners etc.
    5. Great pretend play
    The Dolls Dress Up set are ideal for Kinder Age, and the Puppet set would be ideal for a child who is  a bit older as you need to gain more skills to put their clothes on.

    I would love it if you share some fun dressing up activities that you had as kids.

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