Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It is Bulleen Plaza Shopping Centre “Market day” this Thursday…..I will be exhibiting there…

Christmas by Romantic Flair Original
At Bulleen Plaza, shopping centre every 3rd Thursday of the month a Market day is held, so this month it is on the 18th August


Personally I will be exhibiting there, amongst other exciting exhibitors. The Plaza has quite a few lovely cafe’s for one to have a “Time out” or to catch up with a friend and and maybe do some shopping , especially with the months lead up to Christmas are creeping up. What I like about the Plaza to is that it is a small and friendly Shopping centre and there is not that chaos that you will find in the big Shopping centres. It has a more relaxed atmosphere, and parking is easily available all around the shopping centre.

If some of you maybe live around the area and perhaps you are after something from my On Line Store I am quite happy to bring it over. I am always  more than happy to make your shopping experience with us a pleasant one.

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