Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sometimes,you have to put the sails up and keep on sailing……

This is how I feel at the moment….

You might say why?

Well…a new chapter in my life is evolving. My family home for the last ten years, and my studio, my work place have lately been sold.  We have placed it on the market, just before Christmas last year, it virtually sold straightaway, the first day it went on the market, but the buyers did not come up with the money, as they had money tied up overseas and the bank did not come up with the money…..Ah well we said perfect..it will give us time to finish off our other house we are building, and we can settle into the year in my quite season.

Well that did not happen, we had to go again the second time, and yet again the sale fell through…..AHHHHHHHHHHH!

The heavy downpours that we had, made our building take longer ….until we came to lock up stage….this was a very painful journey, but in a way enjoyable.

Well, now it has defiantly sold. Now the pressure to finish off the other one before we have to shift is on, my poor husband is working around the clock, I on the other hand is going through panic stations every so often, but then sometimes I blame meno pause…no no..I think we have too much on our plate. But then I really believe things happen for a reason. Really at the moment I do not know why it had to happen at this time.

Pressure, Pressure, pressure……..


My Busiest time of the year is just started, and to top it up I have to pack a house, my studio, and run and chase to finish off the other one…On the other hand, I know God will be with us, so I decided to sale on, take one day at a time, and I am sure we will get to our destination.

I wrote this post, so when, I  feel that everything seems to be so hard, I come here and read it over and over again to find some strength.

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