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Okay I know Easter is over but I am going to share our yummy Easter Biscuits “Figolli” we have been indulging on!

Figolli - Easter Biscuits - our traditional way of celebrating Easter

Figolli 11

Some of you know that I have been speaking about Easter, how we celebrate it, in the country that I grew up in and also about the yummy biscuits that we cook for Easter…..

Well I sort of started a tradition in my own family, and I am hoping that as my family grows it will be an activity that we can do together with grandchildren as well…when and if I ever have some…!
Figolli 2

We have been doing the Christmas Eve one for the last couple of years, now…where we all get together and on Christmas Eve we create and bake about 7 doz. mince pies….do not worry they all disappear…..

Figolli 1
Well this year I sort of said why don’t we start another tradition and we do the Figolli (our Easter biscuits) on Good Friday after church………

So yes you guessed it …..another tradition has started….Thursday night I made sure that we had all the ingredients,…and my daughter in law…did some shopping as well.
My daughter did the pastry …and my daughter in law did the filling…I was in charge of grating the orange, lemon and lime rind….and off we went…The boys helped by getting dishes ready and putting the biscuits together…

Figolli 3

We baked them and let them cool down…next day we met at my Son’s place and we started the fun part decorating them. We did not really stayed the traditional way of decorating them…but we also used smarties and hundreds and thousands as well…

Figolli 4     Figolli 5
Well by the way…these biscuits…normally are in the shape of a chick, ducks, fish, rabbit, doves,, heart…which is a symbol of new life…that is Easter “New Life” But we decided to do some stars as well….

Figolli 6

We did some colour icing and had lots of fun creating.. You can do this with your kids and let them create their own Easter Figolla, you can make them small or, a fairly size one, which you can cut into small pieces to serve.

Figolli 7Figolli 9

We finished them off with smarties and and sprinkled off with hundreds and thousands with a small Easter Egg in the middle…..

Figolli 8

Hope you will have fun if you try to do them next year….

Figolli 10

On Easter day we went to the dawn Mass….and after we came out of church..like kids..we raced off home and indulged in these yummy biscuits…after not having touched any sugar for the 40 days of Lent….oh and you know where we where yes you guessed it in Heaven!….Below is the recipe if you like t give it a go next year


Temp. Oven 180C
You make 2 figolli 

  • 400gr self raising flour
  • 100gr margarine/butter
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 100grm sugar,
  • Orange peel grated
1to 2 tablespoon water, 
Mix flour and margarine or butter together u can use a mixer- Mix eggs and sugar and grated orange· Then add to the mixture of flour and margarine
Inside Filling
  • 200grm ground almonds
  • 100grm sugar
  • 125ml water,
  • 2 egg whites
In a saucepan put the sugar and water on slow heat and mix together until water is dissolved· Leave to just to boil and take off straight away· Put in the almond meal- Let it cool down
Open the pastry for one layer then put an almond paste layer and another on top
Bake for about 25mins to 30 minutes
  • 150grm icing sugar
  • 1Tablespoonful heaped of cocoa
  • 1 -3 tablespoon of hot water
1/4teaspon margarine,2 tablespoon of spirit like brandy or Benedictine
Sift the icing and coco· Put the hot water and margarine-Mix with the icing mixture let it cool down and after cover the top of the biscuit· Decorate with whatever you want..


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