Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sometimes toys can help or prepare a child for an upcoming event…

How many times, are we lost for words to explain to our kids, what experience they are going to have in the near future.Young Children, need visual props to help them understand sometimes. What am I talking about?
A Visit to the Hospital or Doctor
Pretend you are a child, and lets say, in the near future, you were told that you have to be taken to hospital, or perhaps even see a special doctor or specialist. I am sure it would be much better if you talk to your child about  what he or she should expect, or perhaps what the doctor might do.
  • You might want to do this by perhaps source out a book with great illustrations, that talks about hospitals, or a visit to the doctor.
  • Or perhaps you might have a toy where you can play doctors and hospitals. This is a great activity with the lead up to a visit to the doctor.
  • This helps the child to give them an insight of what they might expect.
My hospital busybox1800
Going camping for the first time
  • Camping is not something that most of us do very often.
  • So if your family decides to have a camping holiday, this is going to be a complete different experience for your child right.
  • So again, talking, reading a book, or have some pretend play set up will help them to get accustomed  for this exciting experience.
camping set 350
Off to the Circus
Do you remember as a child going to the circus for the first time?
How exciting would that have been. I personally never had the opportunity of going when I was small. Now for a child to go to the circus, although you might think it is going to be lots of fun, but for a child it can be too much for the first time. For example, some kids are scared of clowns, but again talking about them, or playing with toys can get them familiarised with the situation.
clown clown
Also animals such as the lion etc…can be up fronting…so again, talking, playing, getting familiarised always helps.
zoo set350

elephant marionettePuppetLionPuppetTiger
I think by now you are getting the message that the more a child is prepared for a situation or an event coming up…it would be more enjoyable.
Love to hear what you do to prepare your child for upcoming events that you might have had?

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