Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bloggers Brunch organized by Parenting Group TV Show, “Room to Grow”…..& Sponsors….

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   Late April, I received this invite.. from the lovely Elisa from Parenting Group TV Show, “Room to grow”, to attend a Bloggers Brunch. This was an organized event on Elisa’s behalf  by Christie Nicholas, from Kids Business Marketing and PR and also sponsored by Kleenex Mums.

The event was held at the “Daydreamers Kids Indoor Play”. It was a lovely venue, as mum who brought their kids along with them, had the facility for them to have a play while mums attended the brunch.

I was very honoured to be invited as only 50 Bloggers were invited to take part in this Bloggers Brunch, a very special Mother’s Day event to celebrate motherhood and blogging
Little Red Photography captured the event extremely well…and you can see some lovely snapshots of the lovely people that attended here.


They had six awesome speakers….who showered us with knowledge and their life time experiences. These lovely ladies were Nicole Avery, Bronny Fallens, Catherine Cervasio, Alli Price, Amanda Cox and Renee Mayne. I think every single person in the group left the event very motivated and lots of soul searching………

I also enjoyed meeting some lovely young mummy bloggers who I am in contact with on line…and who also some of them have reviewed some of my products. The message that I got was loud and clear…these young mums are thriving to find themselves through blogging, they also would love that BRANDS out there realize what POWER they have if they are given the chance to show it. They are the voice of the future…they are the “new marketing evolution”. I have to say,  I have a business of my own, and I started blogging for just over a year now, I enjoy it, and I feel that through blogging, my business is growing, and more people are getting to know about my products that I create and also represent. I would also be looking  in the near be able to blog about other opportunities.

I have to say I also looked at this event from a lot of different angles. Personally I have been involved working with kids for the last 29 years…My career evolved from one thing to another ….and my experiences working with kids has led me to different opportunities. Blogging has come into the picture now….

After the wonderful speeches..a lovely spread of food was offered where we had the opportunity to mingle and get to know other mummy bloggers, we also had the opportunity to browse and acquire some great information from some great Toy Companies who displayed and talked about the products that they had on offer. We were also given some products to take with us to try and use. I will speak about these products in other post…as it is quite late now and I think I should call it a day…

Thank you Elisa for inviting me and look forward to be there in any other events that you may organize in the future…
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