Monday, July 19, 2010

Lacing Activity using Jug Beads......

Jug Beads for various activities.....

After working with preschoolers for a number of years...I have noticed while offering various lacing activities that most of the lacing sets came with laces or some sort of ropes for threading. In  watching them play... I also noticed that the younger ones found it very frustrating to thread laces through. So I decided to come up with something that would make lacing more fun and enjoyable.

Firstly I opted to bring the old fashioned jug beads, which I find they are great for multiple activities:
  • They are colorful and come in different this created activities like sorting, colors and sizes 
  • I opted for jug beads with a bigger whole so it will be easier for little hands to handle
  • they can be threaded through in color sequence or by size. They can also make their own patterns.
I also hunted through different options for the actual thread and I came along this plastic tubing which is perfect as it does not flop like a normal lace would......and the kids consequently  started enjoying lacing more.

I  am also presenting them in a little draw string bag in which they can put them back in after finish playing. The bags come in a variety of colors as well.

You can find this set in my Store here...comes with 34 assorted beads, plastic tube and bag....It is a great gift idea for someone's birthday...

Other  lacing activities in store are:

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