Friday, April 8, 2011

Food for thought….


During the next couple of days…

Perhaps as you are driving home from work, feeling good …thinking the weekend is coming along…sorting through your thoughts, planning what you will be up to this weekend……!

Think about those people around you who may have become ‘invisible’.

Perhaps they have experienced: the death of a loved one; having a serious illness such as cancer, multiple sclerosis or a mental illness; going through separation or divorce.

A simple friendly phone call or invitation to coffee may help to let them feel ‘visible’ again.

It is not necessary to ask lots of questions, and far better to be available through your presence, allowing the person to talk if they wish and giving your full attention to them as you listen……..

Same applies in your blogging community…we seem to comment or communicate with the same circle of people…and some we just creep through their blog and not even bother to even acknowledge that you have been there, by just leaving a simple comment or just a simple Smile…..Think of  all those lonely people that are trying to reach out through blogging….I am sure you will make their day by just taking time and share the love……..
Food for thought……

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