Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pretend Play.......................

What does it mean........

Take some time and pretend that you have become a child again! You are 3 or 4 years old you might be an only sibling or you might have brothers or sisters....

Personally I was brought up without a TV not by choice but circumstances lack of funds...was not a priority in our family at the time.....Thinking about it now it was the best thing that happened to us kids...!
Toys were not abundant ..but somehow we were never bored...our imagination was in full drive...I remember we did not have a Monopoly brother created one from Cornflakes Boxes and whatever we could find...We were very creative...Personally I tried any sort of door we had a seamstress who was kind enough to have me in the school holidays and showed me her tricks of trade, I had a gorgeous Aunt who thought me the craft of knitting and crocheting which I tremendously enjoyed..Otherwise we spend great times together us kids talking and creating stuff together...

Have you ever stopped and looked at your kids while they are playing and watched how they played...? Do you have to be part of their play or are they capable of creating their own play --PRETEND PLAY--!

From my experience working with different kids...there were some who can play with a couple of toys and are happy and contented for a long period of time...they go into an imaginative place...and you see them use those couple of toys as mediums in their fantasy at the time..

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  • they might be in a fairy garden with their favorite doll  and a couple of cups and saucers  are having a great time in a park having a picnic..
  • or a boy with a pirate figurine in his hand and a toy boat another fantasy land playing pirates...
  • group of kids playing in a corner pretending they are at a doctors surgery, each one of them taking it in turn to ...who is the doctor, or the patient..
  • some might be more assertive and will take the role of the leader and some will be the followers...
  • you catch another child drawing something on a piece of paper...and yo will probably hear them talk as he or she is drawing expressing their thoughts both verbally and artistically...
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Then you might find other kids...who you can give them the world and they do not know what to do with it or with themselves...I found this type of kids a challenge.. Experience thought me that these type of kids are quite happy to run around outside kicking a ball,  riding a bike etc etc...Try and bring them inside and offer them pretend play and you will find that they will be changing toys and going from one activity to another within a span of every 5mins...they cannot stay and play with an activity for a long period of time...I  found in this case I had to work with them even more..challenge their imagination and their creativity...We all have some sort of creativity inside us it is just a matter of someone noticing it, encouraging it and helping an individual


I am going to stop here today...and will continue on this subject in another post...In the meantime would love you your input and comments...perhaps share some experiences you have with your own kids or otherwise!

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