Friday, February 25, 2011

The entangled Web...

 My never ending growing  network

animals,Halloween,insects,nature,special occasions,webs,spiders  You will probably are saying what is she on about today?  I often wonder as I surf on the net.......from one link to the next and the next....where on earth this great big spider web leads me to....!

animals,arachnids,bouncing,nature,webs,spiders,web animations,wildlife,web elementsDo you ever wonder who you are meeting on line...perhaps even so one day I will meet that special person who is behind  that certain post I just read, and thank him in person for all that vital information that we all just willingly share....Many times...I go through blogs which inspire me or websites that offer fantastic products......and the web keeps on Network Circle is growing at a very fast space....My Facebook page, my follow tweeters  keep me entertained. My long life dream is constantly evolving and my creative thoughts keeps me ticking.  Okay another one you of spiders that is in my net is probably reading my thoughts at the moment...hope I am making you laugh...I am really having great fun writing this post.

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I am sure my lovely daughter will be cursing me if she saw this post as she is literally petrified of spiders....mind you I do not really like them ....but at the moment they are making me laugh.

Many a times I wonder who is actually crawling through my site, some leave their footprints by actually echoing something....I do love those people who love to interact and actually leave me a lovely comment under my posts, others, I hear their footsteps and leave me wondering who is that person, why don't they even stop to say hi. view detailsI am actually quite friendly, I do not bite, I do not cast spells on lovely people who are so nice to me...and actual care enough to say hello xxxxx

view detailsview detailsOn the other hand  I think  if you are going to drive through....not even be kind enough to write "hello" below  I will be seriously thinking of chasing you with my broom ........
I hope you had a great laugh and hope to see you more the meantime I keep stirring my cauldron and keep counting how many spiders are caught in my web...imageClipArt

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