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Barefoot by Barbara Sansoni ~~ Lovable toys for Baby, Child or maybe yourself, some can be heirlooms to treasure for many years to come


I can tell you I am very biased when it comes to the Barefoot Range by “”Barbara Sansoni”. I absolutely fell in love with them the first time I saw the range.

  • I love colour, I feel alive when I see beautiful colours splashed together to create awesome products and this is where Barefoot have captured my full attention.
  • Their products are made from 100% cotton and the toys are filled with kapok.
  • Their toys visually stimulating for children because of their bright colours and tactile because of their creative use of fabric textures.
Barbara Sansoni, an artist, textile designer and colourist, started this concept out of a need of a rehabilitation program in Sri Lankan in 1958, for young women with limited schooling and skills. Barefoot artisans are dedicated weavers and designers, who without the constraints of mass production, are able to produce fine high quality products in a sustainable way. They are also encouraged to be innovative and stretch their creative talents.
As some of you know I am an artist myself, and I appreciate the quality, style and the uniqueness of all the products…as not one product is the same as the other. They are all finished off in different colours.
These are some of the products that I stock in their range if you press on the different category headings it will take you there and you can see some of the delightful range.

Animals & Insects  Australia Animals  
   Bags                       Dolls                 Hand Puppets
Bags  Dolls  Hand Puppets

Loveable Characters      Mice...             
Loveable Characters    Mice
Who wouldn’t like to have one of these in a child’s room or perhaps one like me (who is slowly approaching second childhood)…..I have one in my family room hanging down from the ceiling. The work is meticulous, the craftsmanship is outstanding and unique, the concept  is fantastic, it can be folded and taken with them on holidays or someone’s house, and have an immediate play house. These gorgeous Barefoot mice will be their friends for life. I think it is a work of art. You will have your own piece of fine art as every one of them is unique.

MouseHouseFront MouseHouseOutside

Mouse House by Barefoot Barbara Sansoni Pretend play

These are gorgeous cuddly toys:

DollMissJollywagRed     DollTraditionalDoll


Have a look at the range here in the different categories…..which one is your favourite?
I will be introducing Library Bags in the bag section as well….I have the toddler bags at the moment which come with an Australiana toy animal.


Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If you are after something special these should be on top of your lists, they are also ideal if you are sending gifts via mail as they are very light to send especially overseas.

I leave you browsing and enjoy this awesome range.

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