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Reflection of some highlights from the Nuffnang Bloggers Conference that I attended.

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You probably heard me blabbing on last week what a big blogging weekend I had in Line, and you can say that again. This was my first ever blogging conference that I have attended..and it was a learning curve. It was also fun meeting more people that I am in contact with on line, and with whom a closer networking relationship started happening. It is always so amazing to meet someone whom, I have followed their blog  or on other social networks , and actually come face to face.

It was an all day Blogging Conference held at Zinc Federation Square in Melbourne. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am sure I gained more knowledge to apply in my Blogging journey and am looking forward  to go through the awesome post below by  the speakers who kindly, posted their speech on their blogs. Thank you Nuffnang for organizing this, I felt so special being part of such an amazing event of 300 bloggers getting together on such an occasion.
These were the awesome speakers that showered us with knowledge and experiences in their blogging life.  The images below of some of the speakers were taken by the Journalist Danielle ~~ Danimezza

1. Darren Rowse of Pro Blogger
2. Danielle Melnyczenko of Danimezza (images taken by this lovely Danimezza )

3. Christie Burnett of Childhood101
4. Nicole Avery of Planning With Kids

5. Michael Aulia of Craving Tech
6. Arnold Aranez of Mr. Gadget
7. Nikki Parkinson of Styling You

8. Phoebe Montague of Lady Melbourne
9. Helen Yee – Grab Your Fork
10. Howard Trang & Minh Giang – Eat Show & Tell

11. Susan Thye – Chocolatesuze
12. Candice Deville – Super Kawaii Mama
13. Eden Riley – Edenland
14. David Krupp – Nuffnang Country Manager
15. Andrew Hughes – Reprise Media
16. Jaci Ely – Ikon Communications
17. Jeff Tan – iProspect


These are all the recaps of the speeches taken place by the different speakers, worth your while if you are interested in blogging.

1. Tools of the TradeKey Points
Nicole Avery – @planningqueen
Michael Aulia – @michaelaulia + Blogopolis blog post
Arnold Aranez – @mr_gadget
2. Blog PhotographyKey Points
Danielle Melnyczenko – @danimezza
Minh Giang – @minhg
3. Improving Blog ContentKey Points
Christie Burnett – @childhood101
Susan Thye – @chocolatesuze
Nikki Parkinson – @stylingyou
4. Working with BrandsKey Points
Andrew Hughes – @y0z2a
Jaclyn Ely – @jaciely
5. Editorial vs. AdvertorialKey Points
Nikki Parkinson – @stylingyou
Phoebe Montague – @ladymelbourne
David Krupp – @davekrupp
Arnold Aranez – @mr_gadget
Jeff Tan – @jeff_iprospect
6. Blog Branding & MarketingKey Points
Darren Rowse – @problogger
7. The Australian BlogosphereKey Points
Candice Deville – @superkawaiimama
Darren Rowse – @problogger
Eden Riley – @edenland
Helen Yee – @grabyourfork
Nicole Avery – @planningqueen
All this info. is found on the Nuffnang Website


What did I get out of this at the end of the day?
  1. I felt that I belonged to a community, there is no age, gender, background, knowledge issues. We all had one thing in common we were bloggers. We were all there to improve our blogging journey.
  2. All the above awesome speakers, came from all different backgrounds, education, nationalities, age etc. They were all once very knew to blogging, and all learnt along the way, some have gone through their journey at a faster pace than others.
  3. Blogging at the end of the day, one can get out of it what one put into it like anything else in this world. But also one can blog just purely for his or her enjoyment. We all blog for different reasons.
  4. I have been blogging for just over a year now…and  I can say I am enjoying the ride and meeting awesome people along the way.
Finally I like to thank all the Staff at Nuffnang for this amazing opportunity, and what about the post conference drinks...I wish that I did not have anything on the next day...I would have stayed longer and enjoy the night........!

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