Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mums-to-be, or maybe are you after a different and unique gift for a Baby Shower that you are invited to!

I am sure many of you have been invited to a Baby Shower at some stage or another in your life right. 

In a Baby Shower, the amount of Baby Clothes, toys etc. that is given to as gifts sometimes can be over and above what a mum needs for the first year of the Baby’s life. Mums or Dads are forgotten, they are actually also important in this journey of their life. I have been there done that, and maybe who knows in the future, I become a Grandparent!

Well, in one of my creative moments I came up with this idea…something to spoil mum with the lead up to the birth of the baby…I am working on something for Dad’s as well.

These are what I came up with…. I think every mum would enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in one of these…What do you think?

  • I have created a range of Mugs with some gorgeous designs and wording, that I am sure every mum would like to have while expecting her Baby.
  • I am sure you will all agree that these are so "Mum to Be"
  • I also gave  you the option to personalize it if you wish with a small extra charge.
  • Please bear in mind that the personalized ones will take a bit longer and I have to do them to order, while the other most likely I would have them in stock.
  • They all come gift boxed...so as usual I have thought of everything!
All you have to do:
  • choose one of the designs you prefer
  • message or no message
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So what do you think? You can purchase these here.

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