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What sort of Gift do you look for when buying a special Gift for a Baby Girl or Baby Boy, or maybe a Christening or Baptismal Gift? Have you thought of organizing a Keepsake?

Romantic Flair Original

baby plate psotcard

I am around a lot of young mums these days,and I cannot help noticing, how much they are organized before the Baby is Born.These days they know if they are going to have a baby girl or a baby boy, or maybe one of eachSmile

I do a fair bit of Events these days, where I am in contact with a lot mums who are expecting. The mentality these days is that they have to have everything before the baby is born. They have the nursery furniture, the room all done up and beautifully decorated with a special theme, baby toys, abundance of clothes, nappies, etc etc. By the time the baby is born, there is nothing else, that the parents really need.
So people like me and you go into a spin. What on earth do you buy as a gift? Well I came up with an idea, which I think both parents would appreciate it.
Why not a keepsake? This is something that no matter how much you are prepared, you do not have the exact personal details of baby such as:
  • date of birth
  • weight at birth
  • length at birth
  • full name
I think you have got the message by now…..create a Keepsake. So this is where I come in, I have created the opportunity for you to choose a design, forward any details of baby that you would like to have on Keepsake, choose colour, and you also have an option to have  message of your choice engraved.

Have a look at the range…

by Romantic Flair Original

These come in 5 different designs in 3 different colours to choose from.

These are are all the gorgeous designs you can choose from….

B1 B2 B3 B4 B5B6 B7 B8B9B10 B11B12 B13 B14 B15

If you would like something not as Babyishhhhhhhh…!
I have these designs

for boys such as these:

Happy Birthday personalized Pirate PlateName Noah's ark plate

for Girls such as these:

Birthday plate doll Birthday Plate pink bear

Or perhaps you might want to create one of these keepsakes….

by Romantic Flair Original (many designs to choose from)

Other designs are available  here.

You might also consider having a personalized plate,bauble or mug with your images and personal messages.

Baby Photo Plates cmv

I would just like to point out as well that all my creations are dishwasher safe, are kiln fired, so they do not fade in time or with light like screen printing can do.

What do you usually buy for a new born, who has been showered with gifts?

Thank you Seven Cherubs for reviewing our special personalized baby plate


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