Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Corrupt files…frustration……letting out after 2 weeks of continuous mishaps!


Sometimes things seem to go from bad to worse one after an other….so here I am going to lay it out and I am sorry if you are reading …but I think we all been there…and this time it is my turn…to scream it out!

We all love computers right….yes of course we do..if you are reading you must be one of them.They are a great conception, but when things decide to go wrong…believe me, I am sure one will be pulling their hair.

If you have followed me either on Facebook or Twitter or even my Newsletters, you would have heard me say that just the week before Mother’s Day, my On Line Store was down for 4 very long days. The people who host my Website told me “One of the Windows operating system files became corrupted and caused a complete meltdown. They have had to rebuild the server and then restore the data.” Great………..I was praying and hoping against hoping that nothing was lost. Thank God everything seemed to have been restored without any loss of data. Phew…believe me you should have seen the relief on my face

Computers, modern way of connecting with people around the world, your business rely on it…and all of a sudden it can disappear in thin air…..that is a very scary thought…

Wellllllllll last weekend Blogger decided to do maintenance...and so my blog was down.This I did not really take it so bad..as I understand that site maintenance has to be done every so often…but again…questions arises it it going to be okay…These days I always email my post to myself when I publish them, just in case!!!!!!!


  No guys this is not is..the big one is yet to come. Well when I do some events, sometimes I take my laptop and if I find some free time I do some work on my designs. All my work was saved on my desktop, and I decided to transfer this massive folder with all my designs to a USB …without knowing instead of copying and  pasting my folder into the USB, I actually moved everything…when I opened it 95% of my design were corrupted…and I was left with nothing. I wanted to cry…..but I had to stop, think and not panic. I returned back home, I was reckoning my brain to see how I might restore them back. I Googled to see if there was anything on line that can help me do it…..there are certain programs on line that you can download, they say it is for free, but then they lead to a paid site….and to tell you the truth I did not feel comfortable.

Anyway I slept on it, I first rang Microsoft to see if they can suggest something, but they could not help me.I decided to ring Dell support to see if they can help me…they were very nice, and they guided me through to do a restore…but NO we could not restore them…! My Last option was to ring Photoshop to see they could do anything…and the ANWSER is NO….finally I gave up and decided to start the hard way …thank God I had most of my images and designs that were saved in other files…and I had to copy and save copy and save and copy and save….and managed to get most of it back…I still have to work on some which probably will take me a a good week to get it back to where I was……but ahhhhhh who am I to complain……

This is how I ended up last night or rather early this morning…..
What I learnt from this.
  • Backup, Backup, Backup……
  • When transferring files, do not move them, copy and paste, copy and paste….
  • Make sure that when files are opened they are okay and then you can delete.
  • Always great to have a backup of everything……
Oh thank you for listening, I needed to vent out! I am sure you have some of your stories or experiences to tell me?
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