Friday, April 15, 2011

Grandma’s ….Mum’s, or maybe a special person in your life who you treat like a mum…..Mother’s Day!

mother and baby   
Do you have a special relationship with your Grandmother….?

My kids grew up without grandparents as both grandparents lived overseas.

My Mum although she was not as fluent in speaking English…she till maintained a great relationship with them. Originally just saying hello on the phone and always told them “I love you”, She never missed their Birthdays and special Occasions She always send them cards and gifts. We spoke to them a lot about their grandparents, and we were lucky to visit every so often, and 3 out of the 4 grandparents came over and visited us.

My daughter now she is older, and they can have a fairly descent conversation between them, my mum is getting old and frail conversation now…and I am so blessed that my daughter and my mum have a very special relationship. She keeps in touch with her by writing to her and sending her some creative things that she comes up with! I think she is definitely taking after me!

As you all know I offer you the chance to create your own keepsakes, in form of
These are great gift ideas for Mother’s Day……..

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