Monday, May 23, 2011

Do you have a Christening or a Baptism coming up or may be you are after a Special Baby Gift?

capri plate baby sepiaNameMost parents today are spoiled and showered by Grandparents before the Baby is even born..with a number of items such as clothes, baby furniture, accessories, nappies etc…

Even parents themselves tend to do a fair bit of shopping before the baby is due, and I think sometimes they end up with too much stuff.

People forget that these little gorgeous treasures, they only stay small for a couple of months, and I am sure from my experience you do not even go through all the Baby Clothes that you get given, as most of the time they grow out of them, before you even have a chance to try them on.

Well along the way of  my creating journey, I have come up and actually created the opportunity for those who are after something more personal and special, a truly unique Personalized Keepsake, for you or someone else to TREASURE for many years to come.

Here I am offering you the opportunity to create & personalize a treasure for many years to come...
  • you have a choice of 3 different size plates to choose from
  • you can have it in sepia, black & white, or colour
  • you can also have a message included with the image...
When you place your order you need to:
  1. choose the size of the plate you are after
  2. choose colour of image finish
  3. message if required otherwise write N/A
  4. After you place your order please attach to an email a  Make sure that I have enough space to crop around whatever you need me to capture in the photo..
You will receive a confirmation of how image will look on Plate..

If the occasion has not taken place can take the opportunity to give  a Gift Voucher and the recipient can forward the image at the appropriate time..

I also offer other treasurable Keepsakes some of them you can view here. I am also quite happy to work with you to achieve what you have in mind for that special gift you want to create.

I also have a great range of Baby Gifts… whereby I can organize for you a Special Baby Gift Hamper to suit your budget.
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