Friday, May 20, 2011

Capture that moment into a Treasurable Keepsake….your Wedding or as a Gift……

We live in a world where we are spoilt with choices……

We capture our Wedding moments…more than likely by a professional photographer, they are turned into special memories either in print, or saved on a digital device.

Well I am going a step further….I can create, design capture your special moment on a ceramic piece of art work…which is fired in a kiln…they do not fade in time …timeless

I can have this done for you either on a
  • Plate
  • Bauble
  • Mug
You can keep it
Share it, by passing it on as a gift

They can also be special memories to give for special Wedding Anniversaries!


Organize a thank you Gift to your Bridal Party as a memento……


Finishing off if you wish in a special gift box……

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