Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Master Chef……cooking…cafe’s…..pretend play!

My coffee shop busybox1500
  On Television these day…almost every channel has a Cooking show of some sort or another….
I am sure we are aware of this as most of us are hooked on these shows…
Everyone seems to want to learn and excel in how they cook and present food in a  professional way.
Cafe’s are springing everywhere….and they are all competing with each other to impress us…Let’s face it, the young and the older generation, we all love to meet up with friends over a coffee to catch up. I know quite a few cafe’s are catering for younger mums with kids, where they provide a play area for the children to have a play while mum’s catch up with each other over a coffee. It is just an opportunity for one to have a break and at the same time socialize.
This awesome Cafe Shop Play Set  offers great extended pretend play.
  • The 2 gorgeous dolls dressed up with Chef Hats and aprons as well.. have flexible arms and legs.
  • Amongst all the accessories, it comes with cups, saucers, coffee pot, toaster cake,  tray, tables, chairs, tablecloth etc.…
  • One can put everything back in the box when finished play and can be taken anywhere they want….The front of the box is illustrated with a coffee shop image.
A great set to introduce or perhaps extend the experience of you going to have a meal or a coffee in a cafe. This set encourages,
  • social skills
  • encourages new language skills
  • manipulative skills
And finally but not least….lots and lots of fun…
You can also find some interesting ideas below.

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