Thursday, October 23, 2014


Personalised Christmas Baubles

Sometimes it is hard to know what to give someone... These make a great gift with a simple message "Merry Christmas"


Here are some requests that had from customers:

  • Placing a name on bauble.
  • Celebrating baby's birth by placing name & date of birth on bauble or Christening gift.
  • The year of this particular year 2014. people collect baubles for each year.
  • Grandmothers/Mothers start a family tree with a bauble for each member of family with name & year they are born.
  • Great gift idea for teachers or just to say thank you to someone.
  • A special friend. some people use them instead of a Christmas card by requesting a message on the ball.
  • In Memory of a beloved one being parents, siblings, loved ones or pets.
  • Great keepsake.
  • I leave it up to your imagination I am sure you come up with something special.
  • The Australian range are great for Australiana theme lovers & a great gift idea to send overseas or to take with you when you visit someone.
  • Great corporate gift!
  • You can also provide a digital photo attached to an email (being child, parents husband, wife, pets, something, someone, scene-- close to your heart), and I can create an image from that photo on to the bauble or pomander)
  • Finally you can also just have the image in the front and blank at the back.
  • You have a choice of 6 colours as a background or else you can them plain with just image and personal message.
  • Each bauble is made in fine china(ceramic).
 You can order them in store here 

All ready & Gift Boxed

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