Friday, June 3, 2011

What inspires you?

Hmmmmmm what inspires you?


I wake up in the morning, I thank the Lord that I have woken up to another inspiring day, I put the kettle on and have my first cup of tea, at the same time catching up with some of my emails that came in during the night….
  • Sometimes I have time to read some blogs that I follow, or catch up on a bit of Twitter or Face Book
  • Today I found 2 people that inspired me when I read their blog posts Seven Cherubs & Stuff with Thing
  • Sometimes I go for a walk either behind my house which is bushland and walk and walk and take it all in….
  • Sometimes my creative mind goes on high…and I have to fight very hard to keep it under control…This happens quite often, and it can get me into trouble as I have too many projects going on at once…
  • I love to watch through my kitchen window at Sunset and be inspired by a vision of a new skyline every night…Last year I started taking photos everyday…and I was meant to keep it going through out the year but somehow it stopped (:
  • My customers inspire me…when they challenge me with an idea that I try so hard to please them…I remember quite distinctly, when I started doing my Personalized Christmas Baubles, a lady asked me if I do Memorial Baubles…and so I did…it started with some lovely images and then they became more personalized.
  • I love reading and flicking through Home & House Magazines and also Craft ones… a wealth of inspirations…I have stacked up, on some of my shelves....quite a few old magazines and books that I have collected…I must go through them at some stage and share some interesting articles with you all
  • Last but not least I love walking next to the beach, my inspiration will kick in 5th Gear Auto


    I can keep on rambling….but now I really like to know what might inspire you?

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