Sunday, June 12, 2011

Do you know how Noah’s Ark came about?

s-120 wooden Noah's ark
What is the story behind Noah’s Ark?

In the old testament, Noah was inspired to build an Ark to save his family and a troop of animals to shelter him from the floods…..
It is amazing after so many generations and hundreds of year later, our children are still playing with Noah’s Ark.
Quite a few parents, choose to have a Noah’s Ark Theme when decorating their children’s room. You find it on Doona Covers, wall paper and wall art, curtains and prints.

Do you know of anyone that has done so?
In my store I offer this gorgeous Wooden Noah’s Ark which also comes with:
  • 2 dolls
  • 20 animals
It has 2 levels where one can play…and also have windows where kids can put their hands in to play with the animals. I also offer a great opportunity for those Noah’s Ark Lovers  to have a Personalized Ceramic Plate with a Noah's Ark Design

Noah's Ark Plate Name Noah's ark plate

  • I can personalize it with any message of your choice.
  • A great addition to an child's room
  • A keepsake to treasure for many years to come…
  • Dishwasher Safe
These gorgeous 2 products…are on top of the list as a Christening or a Baby Gift. On mentioning animals and the ark…if you are looking for a lovely Wooden Zoo set…this is so cool

zoo set350

There are 41 pieces in the set. For a little bit of more fun…this Jungle Hand puppet would do the trick…

jungle glove puppet 350

A lot of animal stories can be told with this one…. I think by now you will be thinking Ark’s and animals, but which child does not like playing with animals or read books with animal stories?

I hope I have challenged your imagination…….

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