Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nuts, Nuts, Nuts…….yes have gone nuts…..!

Yes I know you probably think I am going NUTS…..but you would GO NUTS, too if you would receive a beautiful hamper like this from NUTSHACK!


Around Easter time I was reading an informative article about nuts. The Blog Post by Norlinm from Just us Kids on Line Blog, gave us a great insight of how good and important to have NUTS in our diet.

She was representing Nuts For Life Information Centre, who are trying to put an important message across to everyone, that we should include Nuts in our Daily Diet.I was not one to be convinced, as in our household we are big on nuts…..our problem we are addicted, so we have to control ourselves…because like any other food if you have too much, it can be bad as well for you..

“According to the Nuts For Life Information Centre, a handful of nuts each day is all it takes to help lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.”

I personally use, nuts  in lots of ways, we have them as snacks in lunches, etc.…I include them in my recipes, and in our culture, we include lots of nuts in our sweet recipes…Here is one that I have entered the Competition with…….

Figolli 11

These are special biscuits that we have for Easter called Figolli. Well well….last week I received via Australia Post the above Hamper from NUTSHACK….I was stunned….I thought it was Christmas again!!!!!

If you are interested you should visit, NUTSHACK on their website and you should be directed to the nearest NUTSHACK store near you…they offer you the freshest nuts on the market…they also organize beautiful Hampers for all Occassions.

In the meantime thank you Norlinm of Just us Kids on Line for organizing this… I am still going Nutty…and enjoying every single NUT, thanks to you and NUTSHACK!


Disclosure : No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.
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