Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What does customer service means to you?

Hello… can I help you…..? Why is customer service important to you?

Customer service is on top of the list for me in the way I run my business. There is nothing like giving, old fashioned service, that is why I like being a small business, meeting my customers & discuss their requests on a one to one basis,  obviously the ones that I deal on line with, I do not always have the opportunity to meet them face to face, but I always endeavor to give them my best service. For this simple reason I have installed a chat bar on my store and blog, so I will make it easier for the customer to communicate and ask any questions that he or she might have.

Points to consider to achieve Top Customer Service:
  • Great people nicely, make them feel important. I think we all like that….
  • Listen…and show them that you are really interested in what they have to say.
  • Depending your business, or service that you offer, make sure you have some sort of guidelines of how you operate….sometimes due to individual circumstances you might go a step forward to try and help someone.
  • Be proud and enthusiastic as to what you offer, because this will flow on to your customers.
  • Do not take it on your customers if things are not going your way or having a bad day…..!
  • Do not make promises that you cannot deliver, it is better to be honest than letting people down.
  • If something goes wrong, try and solve the issue in a professional way.
  • Try and follow your transaction if you can, asking for feedback…or a review, some might not be willing to do it, but I am sure in their heart of heart , they think of how caring  and professional you are. I also believe that feedback..will help you to improve on what perhaps you might be lacking.
  • I believe that the reason small business survive, when they are constantly competing with big companies…is because we offer great customer service, we are the people behind the business, we are always there with a smile and ready to help.
  • Good customer service translate into repeat business.
Personally, some products I do myself which I am proud of and I always try and do my best to accommodate my customers, some of my other products, I source out, but in doing so, I make sure that my suppliers  offer a good customer service…as this will flow on to my customers…..

My motto...."I want my customers to be so satisfied & excited with their purchases & service that they will spread the word...!”

How do you feel about customer service….Have you came across any situations that perhaps you might want to share….?


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