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Memorial gifts,Keepsakes,Gifts for all Occasions

Memorial gifts,Keepsakes,Gifts for all Occasions

Remembering those we have loved...and lost
Guest Post by Michelle Hayward from The House of Vintner

I have been ordering my Christmas Baubles, for family and friends, from Romantic Flair Original for some years now.  There is much joy when they are handed out, plenty of oohs and ahhs, and amazement at how exquisite they are!  I just love seeing the looks on people’s faces when they open the gift box and discover their very own ceramic personalised bauble! It is a gift like no other.  And to say it delights and surprises them is an understatement.  I really don’t think they’re expecting it.  Beautifully presented with a ribbon there could be absolutely anything in the box.  The contents never fail to receive exclamations of excitement!  It’s wonderful to know that they can bring such joy.  It’s a very special way to say thank you for another year of your precious friendship, or to thank others who have played significant roles in your life.
Each year I have them personalised for my children’s teachers – and they are always grateful! I’m sure it’s a nice break from the usual chocolates, shower gel and coffee mugs they generally receive.  I also have around half a dozen of them made with the words ‘From our Home to Yours’ on them, that I can give away to special friends!  That’s how we celebrate those who are important to us, who we spend time with, or we can’t be with because distance or ill-health.  It’s a lovely way to celebrate the close of the year.  They really make a statement.

This year I am thinking about those we have loved...and lost!  Christmas isn’t here yet, but I tend to plan ahead!  This year, I’m going to have baubles created for the babies I have lost, and one for my Grandfather (who died in 1979)!  Eventually I’ll have my whole family on the tree, whether they are here in person or not.  Gone...but not forgotten! They’ll always be with us in spirit.
And of course, I love the idea of baubles to celebrate a Christening, special anniversary, or other significant memory!  Marthese will create them all year long for you, not just at Christmas!  And it’s always wise to get in early, because her workshop goes crazy from early October on!  So to avoid disappointment it’s great to have your orders in way before that!  Mrs Claus’ workshop gets inundated and Marthese works long hours into the night to keep up with the plethora of orders she receives (many at the last minute!) 
These make a beautiful gift to mark the birth of a child!  And your special keepsake can be made into a pomander or bauble!  They don’t just have to hang from the Christmas tree. They can be hung in a wardrobe, or on a hook in your home on display.  For a few years now I’ve had one created that says ‘The Hayward Homestead’ and the year on it.  It’s a lovely keepsake with our Australian native birds on it, to look back on at a later date. I have mine hung by the front door. These would also make a wonderful housewarming gift! Remember that you can personalise them not just with your words, but with special photographs.  Supply Marthese with your special memories and she will immortalise them in ceramic for you!  What a precious gift for someone who has just suffered a loss, and a wonderful way to mark an occasion!  You could have several made similarly and give them to each person who has experienced the loss, or who marks a significant milestone.  Parents and Grandparents would appreciate them when a child is born.  Equally, they would appreciate them in an hour of grief.

Romantic Flair Original Baubles and Pomanders have a multitude of uses, designs, and reasons to give them!  What about for a Graduation or a milestone birthday such as a 21st.  These also make the perfect going away gift. 
You can express yourself so easily regardless of the situation, with a gift or keepsake like these from Romantic Flair Original
This past Christmas when my children opened their own special box, with their personalised bauble, their delight was tangible! They had been asking me for weeks if they would be getting one (and I managed to keep it a secret).  The baubles have become a precious way for us to mark Christmas in our home – a tradition – that we all look forward to giving and receiving!  Of course it’s always better to be celebrating, and giving them for a special event, but these really are treasured keepsakes even when the outcome is grief and bereavement.  I am looking forward to ordering my booty of baubles again this year!  I will certainly be keeping Mrs Claus (Marthese) very busy once again!
The quality of Marthese’ workmanship, her attention to detail and amazing customer service just keeps me coming back for more, every single time!  Marthese is a gem to work with and will do her utmost to create the most perfect and exquisite item for you to keep, or give away!  You will never be disappointed!  Each beautiful item she turns out is not only stunning but perfect in every single way! 

Michelle Hayward

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