Monday, June 20, 2011

Had a busy Networking week…..

What does networking mean for you?view details

  • Is it actually networking on line i.e social network, like Forums, Twitter Facebook, Blogs, listings in directories, advertising…etc. etc..

  • Or do you consider Events as also a means of networking, being meet ups, creating an event, exhibiting an event etc.… In today's world, especially the hard times that everyone is going through, I feel that one feels the need to be in some way or another, in all aspects that I mentioned above.
    I am old chook now, and have experienced, what I call the good times and the current situation.

    The Good times:

  • Less Competition

  • Less Shops, Markets & events

  • No Social Media

  • No forums, Facebook, twitter etc. etc.…

  • internet

  • digital world
    The Current Situation:

  • very competitive out there…in all aspects of life

  • people seem to follow each other like sheep, if one does that….then one would say well if he or she can do it, than I can do…so we end up with multi shopping centres not far away from each other,multi displaying events such as markets, shows, etc…, multi listing directories…..

  • Hellooooooooooooo………
    Do people realize, that at the end of the day the average bloke, lets say had a $100.00 in the good times to spend. There were perhaps lets say for argument sake, 4 venues to spend it at, and now for the same $100.00 there are billions and billions of venues, website etc.…etc.…to spend it at..?
    So what does this tell us…are we living in a world where with all the improvement, technology, access to all facilities within reach, internet etc.….we are driving ourselves into a hole where a lot of people will find it hard to come out of?

    Having said all that what is the solution?
    I do not have one, I am still following the trend, displaying in events, taking part in network meetings, am part of all the social networks…
    Of course along the way I evaluate what is better for me, I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy meeting and networking the new way of networking these days, I meet some awesome people along the way, which I would not have met the traditional way.
    At the end of the day, I still reckon we are making it harder for ourselves to achieve or perhaps come close to the quality of life we used to live before.
    Has anyone got a solution…I like to hear what you think?

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