Sunday, February 6, 2011

Babycino’s Garden Cafe

Babycino’s Garden Cafe

Lately I went to a network meeting, and it was held at Babycino’s, it was great to see all the young mums, relaxed and not having to worry too much about their Kids......

Great to find a place where kids can play freely and mums can enjoy a coffee and chat . I met quite a few nice people there....!

I had a great chat with Joyce  from  TOT:HOT OR NOT...... who is eagerly expecting her first baby now.....and her love of cycling ...she sources some amazing products in the Cycling have a browse  yourself.  
Also it was lovely to meet up with some more mums  from Connect2mums. Peace and her family happen to be around in Melbourne and a meet up was organized..
We were greatly looked after by Marguerite from Babycino’s Garden Cafe 
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