Monday, February 21, 2011

Behind the wooden picket fence....

Wooden Toy Picket Fences

This is not an exciting or great product to talk about, but stop there for a moment and I want you to put on your thinking caps!

You say they are just wooden fences. yes that is correct...but think a little bit beyond that and see what  use it can be in a lot of role play in the pretend corner...

I am sure first that first to come to mind is
  1.  farm animals
  2. an extension to a barn set
  3. zoo set
You will find that a lot of the sets do not have enough fences to challenge them

Wooden Noah's Ark

Some other  great ideas to use with is
  1. train sets 
  2. road play
  3. garage
  4. doll house play
toy cars

What about a construction activity:

  1. stacking on top of each other...they are very sturdy pieces..and so children will not get frustrated  using them. (manipulative skills)
  2. (sorting)  small or big
These are great sought after by teachers, parents,child care workers alike...
Mini Barn 

I would like to ask you what other options or ideas  that one can use these fences for... It is great to hear from those especially that work with kids, what your thoughts are and what come to mind?

Thank you Marita from Stuffwiththing for reviewing our product

Stuff with thing

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