Friday, February 18, 2011

Meet up with Melbourne Mums through Aussie Mum Bloggers

Birdie Num Nums licenced cafe family dining.

birdie num nums
745 Nicholson Street North Carlton
Meet up with Melbourne Mums through Aussie Mum Bloggers 

This week I had the pleasure to meet up  for the first time with some of  the Melbourne Aussie Mum Bloggers who are all involved in the Aussie Mummy Bloggers Forum

This was organized by the lovely Louisa  and we all met at the birdie num nums  in North Carlton. Louisa has a young family and has this beautiful blog which takes us into a journey of an every day mum's life... She inspires other mums with some of here experiences in her life as a mum and also is quite happy to review products. Her Blog is everything is edible  ~~ what a fantastic name...we all know that having little kids around quote Louisa's "everything is edible"

I also had the pleasure of  meeting with Annie who unfortunately is not in any of the images as I only remembered to take some shots after she left...but I guess she captures my attention, as she loves to blog about interior design, house design and decor trends. This is one of my favorite subjects...I love property, especially interior will find her sharing her thoughts in A View on Design and takes you through a project she is doing here My Town Cottage

birdie num nums  the cafe we meet ... had a very relaxing atmosphere around was great to see mums enjoying themselves a relaxed place and have a cuppa with a group of friends. It has also a garden cafe at the back where kids can roam around freely without being in the way of anyone. I am a big fan of coffee and it was just perfect...I very highly recommend this place...

Another lovely lady that I met is Amanda she tell you all about what she wants to achieve in her blog homeage
It is nice to meet all these young mums from all around Melbourne...I am hoping that in future meets ups we would have the pleasure of meeting more lovely mums who inspires us from all kinds of life.

Lastly but not least...the lovely Norlin...who was so excited as she finally has all her 3 children in school this year and is finally finding some freedom to move around and does what she pleases to a certain extent. She has 2 successful blogs running and very interesting to follow...Just us kids and Baubles,Bubles & Bags  you will find more about her and what she offers .She also offers reviews....

What an interesting bunch of bloggers...I am so looking forward to the next one..till then why don't you pull a chair and a cuppa and check out these wonderful mummy bloggers

If you want to know more about me hmmm let see this is where I have vented out
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