Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What is procrastination?

What is procrastination?



For those who are wondering which I think you would be in the minority it means “to put off or delay till another day or time”

Are you nodding your head, that you may be a culprit of this!

I think we all are culprits from time to time. I am sure we all have things or chores that we do not like to do, but yes we have to do them!

I can name a list of things that I get caught procrastinating on. But I think that one of my worst thing that I hate doing is BOOKWORK. The main reason maybe is that it is not something that is creative, so for me it can get very boring doing it. I do not know how, in my previous life, I worked for a company doing their books for over a year, I actually up to this day, I do not know what on earth made me do it. I remember the day came along when I decided point blank to resign and  back to what I like best, which in those days was, Reservations in the Hotel Industry.

I think we all have something that we try to get out from, but then we ended up suffering as we have to catch up with all the work that we were suppose to have done before.
Every year, I say to myself, I have to keep my books up to date! I have to allocate myself, maybe half a day a week or 2 days per month, and keep on track. I end up doing it for a while, but then my busy season hits in and everything gets piled in a box, and the work starts building up. So then come this time of year, when I have to be organized and hand in my books to my lovely Accountant, I start  procrastinating…………and it takes longer and longer. You know how easy it is to be tempted to go on line and browse, and time flies, and my bookwork is still waiting for me piled in a box LOL!

Ah well I am happy to say I have just finished and I am actually up-to-date. So I decided to write a Blog Post, so perhaps it will entice me to stay on track, and when I fall back, I come to this post and maybe I will be reminded of how much I will end up procrastinating if I do not keep my bookwork up-to-date. 

I feel a free woman and I can move forward again ahhhhhh. Why did I procrastinate in the first place?

Thank you for listening to my confession, I am wondering if you have any dislikes or weakness that you procrastinate on?

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