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Giveaway & Book Review~~ “Healthy Family, Happy Family” by Karen Fischer

Giveaway & Book Review~~ “Healthy Family, Happy Family” by Karen Fischer


Healthy Family Happy Family

I have not done any serious book reading, especially this sort of reading for a while, but Karen Fischer with her book “Healthy Family, Happy Family” broke the spell for me.

We all struggle to do the right choices when it comes to eating healthy, I know I do!

Just to give a little bit of background about me for those who do not know me. In my previous life I qualified in Hotel Management. I am a mother of 2 grown up kids, and have worked with kids for about 25 years. Now you probably are making 1+1 and realize why this book caught my eyes.

Now to tell you a little bit about Karen Fischer, yes that one that we all see or saw on our TV Screens in different shows. Well perhaps you did not realize that Karen Fischer is a nutritionist, health writer and an award-winning author with extensive experience in television, radio, event hosting and print. You can read more about her over here.


“Healthy Family, Happy Family” is a complete healthy guide to feeding your family.
  • enjoyable to read
  • very down to earth, with a twist of humour
  • explicit resource of benefits and nutrition value for each vegetable, fruit and other ingredients
  • great advice on what we should eat or avoid
 She covers these subjects:
  1. Five important reasons to dish up healthy food to your family
  2. Nutrition in a nutshell
  3. Marketing Magic
  4. How to make healthy cooking happen
  5. Kitchen essentials
  6. Menus
  7. A healthy lunch box
  8. Recipes
As you can see she takes you on a journey from
  • where why you should start eating healthy
  • to how to go about it
  • advise also to people who have issues such as gluten-free, eczema and psoriasis
  • guides you how to follow the menus, shopping and cooking her delicious recipes
This book is ideal for all of us, but especially if you are a mum with young children, and you want some guidance as to how to entice your children to eat healthy, then this is a must read. It is one of those books that  you need to have on your shelf for everyday guidance. Quoting Karen "Cooking for both yourself and your family is one of the most loving and kind things you can do for them(and for you)". As mums, I think we become more conscious and aware of what we are feeding our kids. We seem to question if we are doing the right thing by them. The majority of us have issues of children refusing to eat vegetables, grainy bread spicy food etc. If you have nodded your head to all of these issues then seriously think of getting a copy of this book. You can purchase this book here, for $24.99  and if you prefer to purchase it as an ebook you can purchase it here for $7.49.

Well I saved the best for last because Karen Fischer is giving two copies of her book "Healthy Family, Happy Family to two of my lovely readers.

What do you have to do to win a copy of  "Healthy Family, Happy Family". Just follow these simple rules. (This is open for Australian Residents only)

  • Leave a comment (30 words or less), here after visiting her website and tell me which other books has she written and why you would like to win one?
The Above will entitle you to one entry for the Giveaway

If you would like to gain more entries:
Leave a comment for each of the social networking that you follow us or maybe you consider to follow and you will gain another chance to win this fabulous Personalized Plate. Maybe you consider joining our Newsletter. You need to share by Tweeting  or  share the Giveaway by Tagging on Face Book  or Pinning on Pinterest etc. …if you decide to do so.

This Giveaway ends Monday 30th April 2012 23:00Hrs
Winner will be chosen for one of the comments and announced on Wednesday 2nd May 2012.
2 lucky winners will receive a copy of "Healthy Family, Happy Family" by Karen Fischer

Winners of this Giveaway are ....

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