Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Annual Family Day making Figolli (Easter Biscuits) happened again this weekend….

Our Annual Family Day making Figolli (Easter Biscuits) happened again this weekend…. a tradition we started a couple of years ago!



Do you follow any traditions in your family, or perhaps have you started one of your own?

Since my kids have grown up, I find it a pleasure to organize family days and we all do something together as a group. Well during Easter we started this tradition of getting together on Good Friday early morning and we start baking Figolli, For those who do not know what Figolli are, they are Easter Biscuits which we normally do or buy back home (Malta) and have on Easter Day, instead of the Chocolate Easter Eggs. They are usually made in shapes of a bunny, bird, fish  which is suppose to represent "New Life", which Easter is all about. For those who would like to know how we do them the recipe is over here.
So here we go…we started by preparing the pastry which usually is my job, as I have good hands for kneading pastry…

Others do the filling…which goes between the 2 pastries


Then we start cutting the shapes of the different Figolla


You need to do 2 of each shape, one pastry to go on the bottom than the filling is spread and then top it up with pasty again.


We baked them all and let them cool down, while we went to Good Friday Service. On our return, my daughter in law treated us with homemade ravioli……oh yum, I can still taste them in my mouth.


The beauty of it …we are all very casual on the day as we are all covered with flour etc. etc.…


Then we get stuck in  decorating our own Figolli with Royal Icing, Smarties and finished off with a small Easter Egg.


And you guessed it, we couldn't wait for Easter to start indulging, and yes we did over indulge  by the way we still are Smile

Hope your Easter was as much fun as ours!

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