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How Manipulative & co-ordination skills are helped to develop through Lacing & threading activities in young children

How Manipulative & co-ordination skills are helped to develop through Lacing & Threading activities in young children


wooden cotton reels lacing set

Why is developing Manipulative & co-ordination skills so important in the development of young kids?

Lets start first of all to understand what Fine Motor skills are! Okay it is the ability to use the mussels that control the movement of fingers, thumb and hand, in co-ordination with the eyes.

By preschool age, a child normally will be able to these simple tasks by themselves:
  • button up a shirt
  • using a pencil or a crayon
  • paste objects
  • pick blocks and stack them
  • use of a scissors
  • cut pieces of paper into small pieces
  • tie a shoe lace
  • pour water from a jug to a cup
  • the use of cutlery

More skills are continuously developed into later years. Now how can we develop these skills? There is a lot of activities one can do and encourage the child to do. With a little bit of planning of different activities you can help them along.
Some activities that I would recommend is firstly simple every day things that we do around the house, such as:
  • engaging in household chores
  • gardening
  • watering plants
  • cooking

These give a great workout to hand muscles and eye co-ordination.
You should also encourage activities that they like doing as obviously it will be more enjoyable.

Encouraging computer games  and making shapes with clay also improves these skills immensely. But hey wait a minute, what about the simple activity of Lacing & Threading?

  • You can start with a very basic lacing activity such as these apple & cheese lacing activity, which are very simple, all they have to do in the case of the cheese, place the mouse through the whole and thread, same with the apple.

Wooden Lacing AppleWooden Lacing Cheese
  • or maybe these different shapes, where it also encourages the learning of shapes, colours and enriching their vocabulary at the same time
Wooden lacing geometry shapes x 8 pieces

I will take you to the next level of lacing activities in another post….

Till then what are some of the activities that you do with your children, that you think are developing their Fine Motor & co-ordination skills? 

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